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Assurance 16 - FY 2020

Note: In 1994, a new provision, Assurance 16, was added to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program statute.
It provides LIHEAP grantees the option of spending no more than five percent of their LIHEAP funds on services that encourage and enable households to reduce their home energy needs and thereby the need for energy assistance, including needs assessment, counseling, and assistance with energy vendors. The following are a few examples of how tribes are using Assurance 16 funds.

% Funds
Alaska Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority 2020
A program called the "Energy Cents" helps people in our communities understand how to save money by conserving energy. The program provides LED light bulbs and low-flow water shower heads. Energy Cents runs TV commercials in southeast Alaska.
Arizona The Navajo Nation 2019
Distribution of informational flyer's and energy saving kits are provided during the outreach activities, orientation and presentation of reducing your home
energy need.
Arizona Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community 2020
Applicants will attend a two hour educational class that will address budgeting, financial management, and information on how to reduce energy costs. The class will be a requirement for receiving LIHEAP assistance. Energy savings brochures are handed out
Arizona San Carlos Apache Tribe 2020
Duplicate brochures from other agencies such as Salt River Project that educate consumers on how to save energy. Brochures are distributed to families.
Idaho Nez Perce Tribe 2020
The Social Services Department has informed eligible clients that we work in conjunction with the community programs and the Coeur d'Alene Tribal
Housing, advertise in the locals papers and do public service announcements thru our tribal radio station.
Idaho Shoshone Bannock Tribes 2020
With Assuarance 16 funding we are hosting a set of weatherization classes and energy informationals.
Massachusetts Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Tribal Council 2020
We refer tribal members to local agencies that offer energy efficiency workshops and coordinate energy assessments on home to evaluate what needs to be
done to lower our clients energy costs.
Michigan Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians 2020
We refer tribal members to local agencies that offer energy efficiency workshops and coordinate energy assessments on home to evaluate what needs to be
done to lower our clients energy costs.
Montana Blackfeet 2020
The Tribe will use 1% of such funds in accordance with Assurance 16 to provide services that encourage and enable households to reduce their home
energy by providing energy classes to clients.
New Mexico Pueblo of Jemez 2020
The Jemez LIHEAP conducts several annual events that may include the following:
- Weatherization/Energy Conservation Seminar
- Financial Education Classes
- Energy Efficiency and or Financial Education Class to local elementary schools
- Distribution of supplies promoting household energy conservation and efficiency.
New Mexico Pueblo of Zuni 2020
Available resources such as informational flyers on tips of reducing energy costs, informal financial literacy counseling during one-on-one interviews are
conducted to applicants.
North Carolina Lumbee Nation 2020
The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina provides energy efficiency outreach and counseling to applicants and eligible households in an effort to educate,
encourage and enable households to reduce its home energy consumption and thereby the need for energy assistance.
North Dakota Spirit Lake Tribe 2020
The Spirit Lake tribe will use Assurance 16 funds for the following activities.
1. Case management
2. Facilitation of households negotiations for budget payment
3. Advocate with fuel supplier on behalf of households.
4. Referrals
The case management process will help identify households that are at risk if in a crisis situation. The LIHEAP intake specialist will gather information
about the social & economic conditions of all members of the household so that a plan of action can be developed. The plan will be the tool developed to
assist these households to become self-sufficient. The participant and the intake specialist will set foals to enhance the clients educational and job
Case management will promote family self--sufficiency, and long term stability. The LIHEAP staff will conduct client intake interviews to identify
circumstances such as unemployment, under-employment, drug/alcohol abuse, lack of child care, transportation, unaffordable housing, and chronic health
issues the prevent clients from paying bills and having access to basic necessities.
The case management will conduct assessments, develop action plans make referrals to local resources such as General assistance, TANF, Commodities,
employment & training, etc..
The LIHEAP coordinator has also spent Assurance 16 funds, on activities that prevent or reduce crisis. The tribe used these funds to help households make
payment arrangement with their utility supplier to prevent disconnection.
Protection form Electric and Natural Gas disconnections LIHEAP income eligible household will bot be disconnected if they make satisfactory payment
Another innovative way of handling & preventing crisis situations is the LIHAEP coordinator has assisted 25 families this past program year with
facilitating payment arrangement for families who are receiving monthly General Assistance payment by setting up deductions to come out of their
General assistance for utility bills and preventing disconnection.
Oklahoma Apache Tribe of Oklahoma 2020
Provide pamphlets and flyers.
Oklahoma Citizen Potawatomi Nation 2019
Provide energy reduction tips, pamphlets, and devices that can minimize energy consumption. Offer utility payment incentives for attending the education
Oklahoma Muscogee (Creek) Nation 2020
Provide energy reduction tips, pamplets, and devices that can minimize energy consumption. Offer utility payment incentives for attending the education
Oklahoma United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians 2020
Energy efficiency handouts are in the English language as well as the Keetoowah language. The UKB provides these handouts/brochures at the yearly tribal celebration in October. This celebration reaches thousand of our LIHEAP households.
Oregon Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon 2020
Oregon Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians 2020
We provide resource referral counseling to applicants, reviewing possible Tribal and/or Community resources.
Oregon Klamath Tribes 2020
Clients receive several types of energy saving information and supplies; and are referred to the Klamath Lake Community Action Services (KLCAS) for home energy education classes and budgeting education. The Caseworker also conducts two 3-hour long Energy Saving Classes during the LIHEAP year. In cases were participants are always in need of the crisis assistance, attendance will be mandatory. Types of items which are included in the "Weatherization Kits" are: Weather Stripping (for windows & doors), LED lightbulbs, Fridge/Dryer Duster, Window Kits, Shower Head, Outside Faucet Covers, Door Sweeps, Outlet Plugs, Draft Guards, and of course Tips to save on Energy Costs. The kits are valued at roughly $20-25 each.
South Dakota Rosebud Sioux Tribe 2020
The LIHEAP Program will have, on staff, an Energy Conservation Specialist who will provide on-site counseling pertaining to how to better conserve energy. There are, also, public service announcements on our local radio stations, newspapers ads, flyers, and brochures.
Utah Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah 2020
a. Obtain information on services available through the weatherization program, as well as applications, from the Agency that administers the program in each county and provides it to the households we serve. b. The Tribe's Outreach Worker will go out into the area and help applicants who are unable to get into a weatherization office by providing them with an application, and helping fill it out, and then returning the complete application to the weatherization office. c. Encourage applicants to take advantage of the equal payment plans offered by the utility companies. This will help them in developing a budget and being able to make it work for them. d. Case manager has conducted workshops in managing finances and budget development. They continue to work with clients as needed.
Washington Quileute Indian Tribe 2020
a. Staff attend community events and distribute energy conservation information and products including informative brochures, informative coloring books
for children, weather stripping and insulative plastic for windows.