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FY 2007 State Residential Energy Assistance Challenge Option Program

The Department of Health and Human Services made grant awards totaling $670,000 to two states under the Residential Energy Assistance Challenge Option Program (REACH) for FY 2007. This is the twelfth distribution of REACH funds.

Both states received $300,000 plus $35,000 for energy efficiency education proposals that met specified standards.

MICHIGAN      $335,000
(CBO - Three agencies to be selected)

The state is proposing to use REACH dollars to establish the "Michigan Working for Intelligent Safe Energy (WISE)" initiative, which will award REACH and EEES funds to three qualifying agencies that will administer Michigan WISE locally. WISE will target elderly and young children households, as well as higher energy burden households, and provide comprehensive case management and support services necessary to address energy- related health and safety issues. The WISE grantees will work with the local utilities to identify target households. A major effort will be made to address the lack of heat or unsafe heating methods as it contributes to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The state WISE programs will collaborate with Tomorrow's Child (previously known as the Michigan SIDS Alliance) on a public information campaign promoting safe sleep habits and training to participating WISE households with infants.

NEBRASKA      $335,000
(CBO - Lincoln Action Program)

Nebraska wants to implement a program that will provide families with education on the health risks associated with poor indoor air quality, and materials to make simple inexpensive, yet effective improvements in their homes that also increase energy efficiency. The Lincoln Action Program will work with the Lincoln Area Agency on Aging and the Early Head Start/Head Start Programs to identify and target assistance to elderly and small children households with residents that suffer from asthma, allergies, or other upper respiratory illnesses. Under EEES, the agency will provide a Kids REACH initiative for children in grades K through 5. The "Working Together as a Family to Make a Difference" curriculum will teach kids about energy conservation and promote healthy, safe options for energy efficiency through education and family practice.