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Clearinghouse Announces New Peer Mentoring Programs

September 19, 2017—The LIHEAP Clearinghouse is pleased to announce the start of a new LIHEAP Network Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program for interested LIHEAP grantees and their staff. The program, the brain-child of the Division of Energy Assistance (DEA) of the Office of Community Services (OCS), is intended to promote productive relationships, technical and functional skills, and competencies in the LIHEAP Grantee Network as well as increase retention and sustainability of LIHEAP staff. It is also designed to provide to create and retain a strong network of technical specialists from across state, territorial and tribal grantees who can provide appropriate technical and program support.

The Clearinghouse will be acting as a central point of contact for program participants and will facilitate and monitor the program as well as offer guidance as needed. There are three key facets to the program, ranging in time commitment and formality.


Cooling Programs Winding Down

September 12, 2017—As record-breaking heatwaves beat down on many parts of the U.S. this summer, many LIHEAP offices across the nation are winding down the application period for cooling assistance for income eligible households. According to fiscal year 2017 state model plans, twenty-one states planned to offer some type of cooling assistance. Eight of the 21 states planned to offer cooling as a part of a year-round program. A few states planned to provide cooling assistance through summer crisis if there was a weather-related emergency or if there were funds available after the heating season. For more information about what states generally provided cooling assistance and how, check out the LIHEAP Clearinghouse.

Seventy-eight tribes and tribal organizations also planned to offer cooling assistance for income eligible households, according to FY 2017 model plans. Of those, 20 generally planned to offer cooling assistance through year-round programs. For more information about tribal cooling programs, check out the LIHEAP Clearinghouse here.


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