OCS Launches Disaster Flexibilities Hub

The Office of Community Services (OCS) has launched the Disaster Flexibilities Hub in celebration of National Preparedness Month. The Disaster Flexibility Hub is an “information management tool that visually tracks and displays key data, guidance, and resources on declared disasters, disaster preparedness efforts, and the flexibilities built into OCS’ block grant programs,” according to a dear colleague letter released by OCS.

The letter includes details of the hub and its tools, including: a live weather activity dashboard, searchable program locator to identify the nationwide network of OCS-funded grant recipients and subrecipients that are ready to assist during a disaster, An inventory of OCS’ disaster flexibilities guidance for all applicable OCS programs, Program contacts at the state, Tribal, and local levels for OCS programs, and other tools found here.

The release also includes details related to the tools and their purposes, as well as information on accessing the hub.