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Pennsylvania Public Benefit Funds for Rate Assistance

Pennsylvania Public Benefit Funds for Rate Assistance

  • Under electric and gas restructuring legislation all electric and gas utilities are required to offer universal service programs, to include Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs), and to continue pre-restructuring low income programs. Most electric utilities expanded their CAPs in their 1999 restructuring plans or subsequent settlements. Most CAPs offer a reduced payment based on a percentage of the household's income and include arrearage forgiveness. In 2010, Pennsylvania utilities spent nearly $353.6 million on CAPs and helped 521,644 households. See utility restructuring updates.
  • The LIHEAP state plan and individual vendor agreements mandate the waiver of late payment charges for LIHEAP recipients. Although the waivers of security deposits or reconnection fees are not required, payment of such fees with LIHEAP funds is prohibited. As a result, some utilities waive such fees for LIHEAP recipients. Waivers amounted to over $41 million in 2010.

Note: Leveraging reports do not always give a complete statewide picture. Some resources are not reported through leveraging or are under reported.


2010: $394.7 million
2009: $427.2 million
2007: $289.7 million
2006: $258.5 million
2005: $191 million
2004: $212.5 million
2003: $150 million
2002: $119.2 million
2001: $140 million
2000: $77.1 million