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Nevada Public Benefit Funds for Energy Efficiency

Nevada Public Benefit Funds for Energy Efficiency

  • The Public Utility Commission has been collecting the Nevada Fund for Energy Assistance and Conservation (NFEAC) since August 2001. The NFEAC is funded through a mill tax assessment paid by residential and commercial customers of the seven regulated utilities in the state. It generates about $12 million annually for low-income energy assistance and conservation. Twenty-five percent is distributed on a quarterly basis to the Nevada Housing Division, the state WAP grantee, for energy efficiency measures. During SFY 2010, the weatherization program expended $2 million in UEC funds, serving 868 low-income homes.
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  • Utility funds for weatherization measures that supplement federal assistance grants.


2010: $8.1 million
2009: $3.6 million
2007: $3.1 million
2006: $2.6 million
2005: $2.6 million
2004: $2.6 million
2003: $3.6 million
2002: $1.6 million (includes rate assistance)