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Michigan Public Benefit Funds for Rate Assistance

Michigan Public Benefit Funds for Rate Assistance

Michigan’s 2000 restructuring law legislation created the Low-Income Energy and Efficiency (LIEE) fund to provide energy payment assistance and fund energy efficiency programs. Beginning in 2002, the Public Service Commission has periodically issued requests for proposals for energy assistance funds and since then it has awarded over $277 million (75 percent of the LIEE funds) to state agencies and nonprofits for low-income energy assistance. In 2010, the LIEE awarded $55 million for low-income financial assistance and $15.9 million for low-income energy efficiency. See electric utility restructuring.

Note: Leveraging reports do not always give a complete statewide picture. Some resources are not reported through leveraging or are under reported.


2009: $43.8 million
2006: $52.4 million


U-13129 - Low-Income and Energy Efficiency Fund) - 2/21/2002