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Maryland Public Benefit Funds for Rate Assistance

Maryland Public Benefit Funds for Rate Assistance

  • Maryland 's 1999 restructuring legislation provided a $34 million Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) to be administered by the Department of Human Resources ( DHR ) through the Maryland Energy Assistance Program. The EUSP helps participants pay current and past due electric bills and provides arrearage forgiveness. In response to electric rate hikes, the EUSP base amount has been increased and it has been regularly supplemented by state general funds. See updates due to electric utility restructuring.
  • Several utilities provide waivers of reconnect fees and security deposits

Note: Leveraging reports do not always give a complete statewide picture. Some resources are not reported through leveraging or are under reported.


2010: $31.5 million
2009: $22.4 million
2007: $51.7 million
2006: $31.3 million
2005: $29.6 million
2004: $27.5 million
2003: $29.1 million
2002: $26.8 million (includes energy efficiency)
2001: $27.3 million
2000: $6.4 million