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Georgia Fuel Funds

Georgia Fuel Funds

  • Project Share, a statewide fuel fund, was established in 1984 through a partnership between Georgia Power and the Salvation Army. The fund, which is administered by the Salvation Army, was started with $100,000 in seed money from Georgia Power. While other utilities in the state contribute to the fund, Georgia Power represents about 85 percent of the total. Assistance includes energy related needs as well as clothing, shelter, food and medicine.
  • HEAT is administered by the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) statewide through Community Action Agencies. Donations come from private citizens, SCANA, AGL Resources, Georgia Natural gas, Shell Energy and the New Power Company.


2009: $997,721
2006: $986,864
2005: $564,141
2004: $373,418
2003: $381,484
2002: $368,015