Duke Energy Provides $300,000 for Utility Assistance During Pandemic

September 4, 2020 – Indiana’s Duke Energy is helping assist utility customers affected by the pandemic to pay their utility bills by providing $300,000 in energy-assistance funds. To qualify for this assistance, an applicant must meet eligibility requirements and be a customer of Duke Energy.

“These funds, in combination with federal Low-Income Energy Assistance dollars administered by the state, can help hundreds of Hoosiers with energy costs during a challenging time,” said Stan Pinegar, President of Duke Energy Indiana.

The Indiana Community Action Association, along with the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s Energy Assistance Program, is working with Duke Energy to determine an applicant’s eligibility and distribute the assistance.

Duke Energy customers can avoid service interruptions if they establish a payment plan, which can be up to a twelve-month plan.

To learn more about energy assistance programs in your area, visit the LIHEAP Clearinghouse State Snapshot web page.

Source: media reports