Ten Tips to Lower Winter Heating Costs

October 10, 2019 – With the cold, fall and winter months approaching, households can take measures to help lower their heating bills. Some of these tips, such as adjusting their thermostat, can result in as much as a ten-percent decrease in heating bills.

Unplugging small electrical appliances, taking shorter showers, and other actions taken by a household can all contribute to decreasing the heating bill. Personal finance expert, Rebecca Gramuglia, offers these ten tips to help a household reduce their heating bills during the fall and winter months.

Ten tips to reduce heating costs:

• Bundle up on warm accessories
• Install blackout curtains
• Adjust the thermostat
• Perform regular maintenance on your furnace
• Take shorter showers
• Don’t let the water run while doing dishes or brushing your teeth
• Turn down your water heater
• Switch to LED lights
• Consider eco-friendly options such as replacing old windows and siding
• Unplug small electric appliances to save on your electricity bill

To read more details regarding Gramuglia’s ten tips, visit the Tristate Homepage web site.

To learn about energy assistance in your area, visit the LIHEAP Clearinghouse web site.