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HHS Releases Funds for Energy Assistance

October 31, 2011 — The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the release of
$1.853 billion LIHEAP block grant funds under the FY 2012 continuing resolution (CR).  These funds represent states’ first quarter requests of FY 2012 funds, up to 95 percent of those requests, based on the FY 2012 President’s budget request level of $1.98 billion. States requesting 95 percent or less of their annual allocations in the first quarter will receive their full requests and those requesting over 95 percent in the first quarter will receive 95 percent under the current CR that expires on November 18. Tribes and Territories will also be limited to 95 percent of their annual allocations.

The $1.853 billion includes $1.717 billion that is available immediately, and a “cushion” of $136 million that would enable some states that received funds below the 95 percent limitation to ask for additional funds above their initial requests if their needs change.  

Recognizing that many states need to begin their winter heating programs and that a disproportionate share of LIHEAP funds are spent early in the year, HHS released a significant amount of funding within the framework of the CR while final FY 2012 funding decisions are being negotiated for the program.

A small amount of no-year (or X-year) appropriated funds totaling $35,933 is also being released as part of the first quarter distribution. These funds represent recovered LIHEAP funds from past years’ appropriations that do not expire and were recovered due to lack of drawdown.  

Grantees will receive LIHEAP awards once the Division of Energy Assistance approves its FY 2012 LIHEAP plan.

View a table of grantee allocations of first quarter funds for states, tribes, and territories under the 95 percent CR limitation, and a another table that shows the allocation of the $35,933 in no-year funds.  

Source:  HHS