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LIHEAP Intake Begins in Several States

The first week of October is the beginning of LIHEAP for a number of states, especially those with early winters.

Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming were among the states opening their regular application periods this week or on October 1. Iowa, Kentucky and Missouri began taking applications from households with elderly and disabled members.

Programs for the general population in Iowa and Missouri open November 2, Kentucky’s opens October 26.

Virginia begins taking applications on October 13. 

Montana is one of several states that have increased LIHEAP income eligibility guidelines. The maximum income level will increase to 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines, up from 175 percent last year. Wisconsin’s maximum has gone from 150 percent of FPG to 60 percent of state median income (SMI), Idaho’s from 160 percent of FPG to 60 percent SMI and Ohio’s from 175 percent of FPG to 200 percent of FPG. 

Several of the larger states in the country -  Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Massachusetts -  don’t open their programs for general applications until the first week of November.

Source: State plans, newspapers