Missouri WAP Available Through MOCA

November 22, 2019 – Missouri residents who are eligible for the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), administered through the Missouri Ozarks Community Action (MOCA), can save an average of $283 annually through weatherization assistance. The assistance includes cost-effective building improvements such as ventilation, lighting improvements, air-sealing and insulation improvements.

The Missouri weatherization staff creates a comprehensive analysis of the applicant’s home, utilizing infrared cameras, blower doors and manometers to identify and diagnose the needs of an eligible-applicant’s home.

The Weatherization Assistance Program is available for renters, and the landlord will be required to sign an agreement that they will not raise the rent for two years. The landlord is not required to contribute to the weatherization of the home, but is encouraged to.

“It improves the value of the house,” said Richard Fennessy, a board member of the Missouri Ozarks Community Action Agency.

To learn more about weatherization programs in your area, and their administering agencies, visit the LIHEAP Clearinghouse Weatherization web page.