Funding Release Announced for LIHEAP FY 2020

November 4, 2019 – Approximately $3.32 billion of Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 regular block-grant funding has been released to all LIHEAP grantees. This funding release reflects 90 percent of the funds under the Continuing Resolution (Continuing Appropriations Act, 2020, and Health Extenders Act of 2019), to grantees at the beginning of the program year.

Grantees who have completed FY 2020 plans will be sent award letters with their funding amounts in detail. Tables detailing current allocation amounts are available for state grantee and tribal grantee. Each grantee received the 90 percent of funding after accounting the annual updates to the LIHEAP allocation formula data used to calculate the block-grant allocation amounts.

For more information, read the Dear Colleague Letter released by the Office of Community Services (OCS).