Michigan Residents to Receive Additional Home Heating Credit

November 17, 2017 – Michigan residents who received a Home Heating Credit in 2016 will get an additional one-time credit, as a result of a $12 million supplemental to administer remaining LIHEAP funding received by Michigan.

Households with direct-heating obligations (heating bills they pay directly), will receive a $44 credit and households with indirect heating obligations (heating bills included in rent, etc.), will receive a $22 credit.

Eligible households are any household that filed a 2016 MI-1040CR-7 Home Heating Credit Claim and passed the qualifications. Eligible households are not required to do anything to receive the credits as they are automatically generated. If the household’s original Home Heating Credit was paid directly to a utility provider, the additional credit will be paid directly to the provider as well.

The additional credits will not be replaced or reissued and residents are urged to apply this credit to their bill even if there is no balance due. If the additional credit is not applied to the heating bill and that resident receives a shutoff notice, they cannot receive assistance from MDHHS.

Source: media reports