New Data Released on Energy Affordability of Low-Income Households

May 22, 2020 – Resources on low-income energy burden have recently been released by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The resources are for those launching or engaging in programs intended to address low-income energy issues.

The two resources are: Low-Income Energy Affordability: Conclusions from a Literature Review, which, “examines the persistent problem of high energy burdens among low-income households,” and examines several opportunities to address energy affordability, and the Annotated Bibliography of Literature Addressing Low-Income Energy Affordability in the United States, which examines various literature published from 2010-2019 that examines affordability of low-income energy in the United States.

Another resource available is the LEAD Tool Fact Sheet. This tool is an online, interactive platform that helps stakeholders understand characteristics of energy use by low-income households in different areas of the nation.

Source: media reports