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LIHEAP Clearinghouse Releases Crisis Report

May 23, 2014 — The LIHEAP Clearinghouse has issued a report titled LIHEAP Crisis Components: Requirement, Variations, Innovations. It details the requirements of the LIHEAP statute regarding crisis delivery and variations among state grantees in crisis assistance when it comes to eligibility criteria, operation dates, spending, and the level of benefits.

In operating LIHEAP crisis components, grantees must adhere to the LIHEAP statute, which mandates they intervene in energy crisis situations. Because LIHEAP is a block grant, grantees have flexibility in how they provide crisis assistance.

The report explores that flexibility by highlighting innovative practices in selected states that help to prevent or reduce crisis occurrences. These practices include:

  • Targeting Assurance 16 or other funds to crisis situations
  • Implementing early LIHEAP application periods
  • Including requirements in LIHEAP vendor agreements related to crisis intervention
  • Coordinating with other programs and resources, such as utilities, fuel funds and other nonprofit charitable organizations
  • Coordinating with state disconnect moratoria and/or other laws and regulations
  • Providing case management activities to households in crisis

The Clearinghouse's website also contains more information about crisis programs run by states and tribes.

Source: LIHEAP Clearinghouse