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Gas Association Releases Data on Low-Income Support

May 16, 2014 — According to data released by the American Gas Association (AGA), utilities provided about $3.7 billion in assistance to low-income customers in 2012. The AGA reported the funding in three categories: rate assistance (discounted rates, arrearage forgiveness, hardship funds); weatherization and energy efficiency; and contributions to fuel funds. The following table provides a breakdown of the funding.

Low-Income Assistance Programs: 2012
Rate Assistance
Energy Efficiency
Fuel Funds
Total Low-Income Assistance

"Natural gas utilities are members of the communities they serve, and this assistance is a testament to their commitment to helping their neighbors," said Dave McCurdy, President and CEO of the American Gas Association.

The AGA noted that the $3.7 billion in energy assistance for low-income customers was "roughly equal" to federal energy assistance during Fiscal Year 2012:

AGA Report
Federal Programs
Rate Assistance
$2.99 billion
$3.47 billion (LIHEAP)
$695.6 million
$217 million (DOE WAP/ ARRA)
$3.7 billion
$3.69 billion
Note: Numbers have been rounded

Source: American Gas Association