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CT Provides Energy Assistance Supplement

May 3, 2012 -- Gov. Dannel Malloy has signed a billed that enhances energy assistance benefits to low-income utility-heated households in Connecticut.

The bill was unanimously approved the last week of April by both chambers of the General Assembly.

The bill will allow certain Connecticut Energy Assistance Program recipients to receive a matching payment from utility companies for a supplemental LIHEAP benefit they will receive. Under the bill, a $200 supplemental payment from LIHEAP will be matched by the utility companies for a total supplemental benefit of $400.

The bill specifies that the matching payment be funded through the normal rate-making procedures of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority for a gas company and through the systems benefits charge for an electric distribution company.

This year, Connecticut received $79.5 million in LIHEAP funds. Utility companies offer a matching program that helps low-income households that are delinquent on their bills reduce their debts.