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Massachusetts Fuel Fund Helps Those Ineligible for LIHEAP

May 16, 2011 - The Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund and its administrator, The Salvation Army, are encouraging those in need of assistance to contact or visit  their local Salvation Army Service Center to determine if the fund can help.

According to the fund’s website, the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund is "a safety net for families who are in temporary crisis and do not qualify for federal and state fuel assistance programs such as LIHEAP."

The Salvation Army pays the energy provider directly for those applicants whose gross household income falls between 60 and 80 percent of the state’s median income levels.  For example, a household size of two would need to have a total gross yearly income of between $40,213 and $53,617 to qualify, and a household of four would need to have a yearly income of between $59,137 and $78,849 to qualify.          

This year’s Fund disbursement is $300 per eligible household per heating season.

"We obviously have a finite amount of money available and it’s being disbursed every day so we ask that families who are having trouble making ends meet visit a Service Center or call us soon,” Major Robert Goding of The Salvation Army said, adding that donations are also encouraged to keep up with demand and to help the Fund exceed its fundraising goal of $650,000.

The goal of raising more than $650,000 would allow The Salvation Army to assist more than 2,225 families in temporary crisis due to illness, loss of job or other drastic change in their ability to make ends meet.

Those wishing to support the Fund can give by using the mint green-colored Good Neighbor Energy Fund donation envelope found as an insert in monthly energy bills of sponsoring utilities or through the 'add a dollar' program some energy companies offer which allows customers to increase their monthly bill payment by one dollar or more. 

For more information on the Fund and how to apply, visit a local Salvation Army Service Center or call (800) 262-1320 from area code 413 or (800) 334-3047 from area codes 508, 617, 781 or 978.

Customers can also donate on-line or by mailing a check payable to "The Good Neighbor Energy Fund" to The Salvation Army, 25 Shawmut St., Canton, MA 02021-1408.

Source: Good Neighbor Fund