Clearinghouse Issues Brief Regarding Checking Data Across Multiple Reports

March 25, 2016—Since FY 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has required LIHEAP grantees to submit reports using the Online Data Collection (OLDC) system. These required reports include the LIHEAP Plan, the Carryover and Reallotment report, the Household Report, and the Performance Data Form.

State grantees are required to submit a Performance Data Form that details sources and uses of LIHEAP funds in the Grantee Survey section. Starting in FY 2016, state grantees will be required to submit information on LIHEAP Performance Measures in Section II of the LIHEAP Performance Data Form and, at their option, will be able to furnish information related to household energy consumption.
The LIHEAP Clearinghouse recently issued a brief, titled "Checking Data Across Multiple Reports,” that illustrates how data are cross-checked between reports and years in OLDC in order to increase accuracy and consistency of submitted LIHEAP data.

In OLDC, data validation is built into the electronic report forms. The Clearinghouse’s issue brief discusses the data validation process and explains the causes of and solutions for warning messages that may arise if an error is detected. It also explains which reports furnish information for the data validation process, details on the purpose of each report, and the normal filing date for the reports.
Finally, this issue brief provides a summary of the data validation process; its purpose; and a list of resources for more information regarding the required reports, the OLDC, and data validation.

Sources: LIHEAP Clearinghouse