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States and Tribes Receive Leveraging and REACH Awards

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ) has announced the release of leveraging incentive awards and a second round of Residential Energy Assistance Challenge Program (REACH) grants for FY 2010.

Thirty-six states, 22 tribes and one territory reported over $2.6 billion in leveraging activities conducted during FY 2008 or FY 2009. The tribes and the Northern Mariana Islands leveraged resources totaling over $7 million, the highest amount since the program began.

Of the $24.5 million in leveraging awards, the states will share $24.5 million and the tribes and territory will share $4.1 million.

California reported the largest amount of leveraged resources, $902 million; Pennsylvania was second with $464 million, and New Jersey was third, reporting $285 million in resources. California and Pennsylvania share the top awards with each receiving over $2.9 million.

The Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota led the tribes in leveraging totals; both reported over $1 million in leveraged resources. Although Oklahoma’s Choctaw Nation and Washington’s Colville Confederate reported the third and fourth highest leveraged resources, they received the highest incentive awards, each over $400,000.

View a spreadsheet of FY 2010 leveraging incentive awards.

REACH grants of $2.5 million were awarded to 3 states and 5 tribes through the second round of REACH awards for FY 2010.

New Mexico, Ohio and Rhode Island each received $350,000 plus $35,000 for energy efficiency education services (EEES) plans.

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation and Seneca-Cayuga Tribe, both of Oklahoma, the Grand Traverse Band of Michigan and the Confederated Siletz of Oregon all received $50,000 plus $10,000 for EEES plans. Washington’s Yakama Nation received a $47,580 REACH award.

For more information on REACH, see this section of the Clearinghouse website.