Missouri CAP Assists Low Income Households with Energy Needs

July 25, 2019 – The Community Action Partnership of Northeast Missouri (CAPNEMO) is offering a program to assist households with energy needs this summer. The program offers up to $300 in electric bill assistance in the summer months.

“If you come in with a shut off notice, we can pay up to that amount in the office here,” said Mary Bishop, Quality Assurance Director of CAPNEMO.

The CAPNEMO offers up to $800 in assistance in the winter months. “Obviously there is more money offered in the wintertime because it is an energy burden and energy tend to be higher in the wintertime than in the summer and in hotter parts of the country in the southern states it would be the other way around,” said Bishop.

The CAPNEMO also offers energy savings education classes so households can learn how to reduce their energy burden. The classes include a weatherization kit that includes energy-saving light bulbs and seals that can be installed in their homes.

Bishop added that, “If you attended one of those classes you learn tips and tricks on how to save energy and also you will go home with a kit that includes items that will help you especially on your winter energy bills.”

Funds from the CAPNEMO cannot be used for payment towards utility deposits, water, sewage, trash, cable, and internet or phone bills.

For more information on utility assistance in your area, visit the LIHEAP Clearinghouse website.