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LIHEAP Clearinghouse Releases Brief Regarding "Supplemental Funds"

January 9, 2015—The LIHEAP Clearinghouse has published a new issue brief titled "Supplemental LIHEAP Funds: Source and Spending." This issue provides a look at the type of funds that state and tribal grantees receive to supplement their energy assistance programs and how these funds are spent.

The brief first explains the 10 percent carryover rule, and then it provides several examples of the diverse sources of supplemental funds that grantees may receive throughout the year. These sources include the federal LIHEAP, state legislatures, public service commissions, tribal funds and other sources which are discussed in detail in the brief.

These funds are always welcome, but sometimes the timing in which they are received can pose problems of their own. If it is close to, or after, the end of the program year there may not be the staff on hand able to process the funds. Also, the turnaround time may be short, and it may make it difficult to comply with the 10 percent carryover rule. This brief provides a list of solutions that have been used by LIHEAP grantees in the past to spend supplemental funds within the obligatory timeframe while abiding by the LIHEAP statute.

Source: LIHEAP Clearinghouse