Utility Assistance Day in New Jersey on March 4

February 21, 2020 – Residents in Monmouth County, NJ who are struggling to pay their utility bills have an opportunity to apply for assistance on ‘Utility Assistance Day,’ hosted by the Office of the Senator. The event is on Wednesday, March 4, between 4 and 7 p.m.

"We're here to connect you with these services and make sure that you can immediately apply any assistance you get to your next month's utility bill," said Senator Gopal." If you've fallen behind on your utility bills, or if you know you're going to have a difficult time paying for your bills in the near future, there are many programs that can help you."

Prior to attending this event, attendees are encouraged to bring the required documents to apply: social security cards, drivers' licenses, birth certificates, custody papers, pay stubs, child support statements, TANF or General Assistance award letters, interest or dividends bank statements, lease agreements, recent energy bills, or USCIS temporary work permits.

For more information on utility assistance, visit the LIHEAP Clearinghouse web site.