Foundation Helps Needy Veterans With Utility Bills

February 8, 2012 -- Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF), concerned about the continually increasing number of veterans living in low-income households and needing financial assistance to stave off homelessness, is offering grants that can be used to pay rent and utility bills.

Veterans now make up 20 percent of all recipients of federal utility bill assistance, according to a recent survey by the National Energy Assistance Directors' Association. Over the last 4 years, the survey found, the number of low-income households with at least one military veteran receiving federal energy assistance rose by about 1.1 million households, to 1.78 million. That represents a 156 percent increase since 2008. Of the veterans helped, 49 percent have a disabled household member.

"Many of our veterans are struggling to survive without employment and are just one rent payment away from eviction. Others are behind in their utility bills in order to pay their rent and keep a roof over their families," said Raegan Rivers, CAO of DVNF. "DVNF is committed to helping veterans stay in their homes, time after time we have seen these grants prevent eviction or keep the lights/heat turned on for veterans and their families."

DVNF's Individual Grants of up to $1,000, can be used to pay rent/mortgage, or for utilities such as electric, heating and water bills. They are available to any veteran who qualifies based on need and can be applied for online through the DVNF website. Contributions may also be made to help veterans through the website.

DVNF exists to change the lives of men and women who came home wounded or sick after defending America's safety and freedom. A non-profit 501(c)(3), DVNF was founded in the fall of 2007 by six women veterans to expand their scope of work within the veteran's community. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Disabled Veterans National Foundation