CT EAP Applications Accepted Starting Monday, Sept 10

September 7, 2018 – Connecticut’s Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) will start accepting applications for homes heated with oil on Monday, September 10. Applications for eligible household who heat with gas or electric will be accepted starting Oct 1. The first scheduled day for fuel delivery to oil-heated homes is Nov 14.

Alexandra Ramsteck, Director of Human Services in Darien, CT, said, “Last year we had 98 households apply for assistance.” The 2016-17 heating season had 95 households apply in Darien. Connecticut’s Energy Assistance Program serves approximately 80,000 households across the state annually.

Some states require an applicant to provide asset information in order to qualify for energy assistance. Connecticut requires that households may have liquid assets up to $15,000 if they own their home, and $10,000 for those who rent. If the heat is included in the applicants rent, they can receive a cash benefit ranging from $150 to $190. The benefit amount is dependent on the income levels and household size.

David Dearborn, Communications director for the Department of Social Services, said 93,318 households applied to CEAP last winter, with 80,467 being determined eligible for assistance. Dearborn also said that the state is anticipating serving up to 85,100 households for the 2018-19 heating season.

To learn about application dates for energy assistance programs in your area, visit the LIHEAP Clearinghouse here.

Source: media reports