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MA Settlement Results in Energy Assistance Funds

August 1, 2014—The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (PUC) recently approved a settlement between National Grid and the Massachusetts Attorney General that will provide $1 million in energy assistance funds to local community action agencies.

The settlement brought to end an investigation initiated by the PUC in 2010 about how National Grid allocated expenses among the different jurisdictions it serves. National Grid and the Attorney General submitted a settlement agreement in May 2014, and the PUC approved it in late July.

In its order approving the settlement, the PUC cited the funding for energy assistance as the first of the document's "key provisions." It further stated that the funding "will provide much needed assistance for [National Grid's] eligible customers who have difficulty paying utility bills." Within 30 days of the PUC order, National Grid must provide the funds to the Massachusetts Association for Community Action, which will distribute it to local agencies. The PUC also stipulated that National Grid cannot seek "at any time in the future" to impose charges on ratepayers to recoup the $1 million.

Source: Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities