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MA Begins Oil Heat Efficiency Program

Several groups in Massachusetts have banded together to operate the Oil Heat Efficiency Program for low- to moderate-income state residents.

Using $1.7 million in federal stimulus funds, the program will provide rebates of up to $4,000 for the installation of new, high efficiency oil-fired heating equipment for about 500 homes in Massachusetts that use heating oil for space heating.

Conservation Services Group (CSG) and the Massachusetts Oilheat Council (MOC) will work together to train several oil heating service technicians in energy efficiency and the "house-as-system" approach, and the Massachusetts Low Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN) is coordinating with the first two groups to qualify candidates for eligibility.

MOC President Michael Ferrante said in a press release, "Many of the state's homeowners with older, inefficient heating equipment are paying only the most essential bills in this tough economic climate, so upgrading their heating system may not be a priority. Fortunately, this innovative and timely program will enable hundreds of residents to reap the benefits of higher efficiency equipment. They'll see their energy bills go down, because they'll use less fuel without compromising comfort.”

The program will also boost local economies by providing work for oil heat retailers and their technicians, due to increased demand for equipment installations.

It will supplement and coordinate with HEARTWAP, an existing program in Massachusetts that provides heating system repair and replacement for LIHEAP-eligible households using LIHEAP funds.

Source: Contractormag, MOC