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Connecticut Fuel Fund Offers Crisis Help

Operation Fuel, a statewide fuel fund, has begun a new energy assistance program for lower income households that face imminent loss of utility services between Aug. 2 and Nov. 1.

"Over the years, energy assistance has become a year-round problem," explained Operation Fuel's Executive Director Patricia Wrice.

The program is funded by private donations and will be limited to households that are in a severe crisis.  Operation Fuel and its board members said it decided to implement the new program because energy assistance is year-round and there are currently a record number of low-and moderate-income families and seniors in Connecticut facing mounting unpaid energy bills and termination of their utility services.

Wrice said she does not envision this as a permanent program, but rather a temporary solution until Connecticut adopts a discounted utility rate. A reduced-rate program was part of an energy reform bill the Connecticut legislature has been working on for years and that passed in a recent special session; however, the bill was vetoed.

Source: Operation Fuel, Connecticut newspapers