LIHEAP Leveraging

Congress may provide funding for the leveraging incentive awards each year, and it did so for Fiscal Years 1991 through 2007. It did not provide funding for FY 2008, then provided funding for FYs 2009 and 2010, but has not done so since then. As a result, information on states' leveraged resources for those years is not available, with the exception of ratepayer-funded resources, as detailed here.

It should be noted that most states are continuing their leveraging activities despite the cessation of the leveraging incentive program because many of the programs predate the program and are a deep-rooted and important part of LIHEAP in many states.

For more information, see these sections:

LIHEAP Leveraging Reports: FY 1991-2010 (excluding 2008)

All Leveraging / Supplements FY 2001-2010 (excluding 2008)

Current Ratepayer-Funded Programs

Overview of Percentage of Income Payment Plans (Compiled January 2014)