Arrears Management
  • LIHEAP Enhancement Plan
    Funds are used to reduce arrearages of customers with income equal to or less than 60 percent of state median income.
  • National Grid A-60 customers Per kWh discount rate and customer charge waiver
Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency Program (EEP)
    • Single Family Low Income Services: LIHEAP-eligible customers living in 1-4 unit buildings are eligible for ENERGY STAR refrigerators and lighting, heating system replacement, safety inspections and weatherization.
    • Income Eligible Multifamily: Programs offer gas and electric measures that were previously offered as part of EnergyWise or C&I Retrofit. For the low-income multifamily sector, up to 100 percent of copayments for energy efficiency services and measures may be waived.
Participating Utilities
  • LIHEAP Enhancement Plan: National Grid
  • EEP: National Grid
Annual Funding (2015)
  • LIHEAP Enhancement Plan: $10.4 million
  • EEP
    • Single Family
      electric: $7.8 million
      gas: $3.1 million
    • EnergyWise Multifamily
      electric: $2.3 million
      gas: $1.9 million
Households Served (2015)
  • LIHEAP Enhancement Plan: 24,583
  • EEP
    • Single Family
      electric: 2,500
      gas: 400
    • EnergyWise Multifamily
      electric: 8,000
      gas: 2,900
Funding Mechanism
  • LIHEAP Enhancement Plan: National Grid gas and electric customers pay a monthly charge of $0.73.
  • EEP: 9.42 mills per kWh surcharge on National Grid electric customers; $0.0781 per decatherm charge on National Grid gas customers.
  • LIHEAP Enhancement Plan: National Grid
  • EEP: National Grid

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