Rate Assistance
  • Electric Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Eligibility: Customer of participating electric utility and income at or less than 200% FPG
    • Provides monthly electric bill discount from 8 to 77% off first 750 kWh depending on income and household size
  • Gas Assistance Program (GAP)
    • Eligibility: Customer of Liberty Utilities or Unitil Gas and receipt of or eligibility for LIHEAP, EAP, SSI, TANF, SNAP, WIC or several other means-tested programs
    • Provides discount up to 60% off delivery portion of bill
Energy Efficiency
  • Home Energy Assistance (HEA)
    • Eligibility: Up to 200% FPG, customer of participating electric and gas utilities
    • Provides up to $8,000 in energy efficiency improvements for electric and natural gas customers in coordination the state's WAP; includes insulation, weatherization, appliance and lighting upgrades, health and safety measures
Participating Utilities
  • EAP and HEA: Public Service Company of New Hampshire, Granite State Electric, Unitil Energy Systems, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative
  • GAP: Liberty Utilities or Unitil/ Northern
Annual Funding (2014)
  • EAP: $13.6 million
  • GAP: $1.6 million (estimate)
  • HEA: $3.9 million electric utilities / $1.1 million gas utilities
Households Served (2014)
  • EAP: 33,444
  • GAP: 5,500 (estimate)
  • HEA: 814 electric utilities / 535 gas utilities
Funding Mechanism
  • EAP: System benefit charge (SBC) of 3.3 mills per kWh on all electric ratepayers, split between energy efficiency and rate assistance
  • GAP: Local Distribution Adjustment Charge
  • HEA: Electric: portion of SBC of 3.3 mills per kWh; gas: Local Distribution Adjustment Charge
Utilities with oversight by NH PUC in coordination with Office of Energy and Planning (LIHEAP and WAP grantee) and community action agencies
RSA 374-F, Electric Utility Restructuring
Other Important
Results And Effectiveness of the System Benefits Charge, Annual Report, NH PUC, October 1, 2014 (prior reports available)

2013-2014 CORE New Hampshire Energy Efficiency Programs

New Hampshire Statewide CORE Energy Efficiency Plan, 2015-2016

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