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Rate Assistance
  • Low Income Assistance Program (LIAP)
    • Eligibility: Customer of participating electric utility, eligible for LIHEAP, not residing in subsidized housing
    • Benefits vary by utility, most utilities credit or discount electric bill
    • Assistance for operating oxygen pumps or ventilators that used at least eight hours per day.
  • Residential Low Income Program (RLIP)
    • LIHEAP-eligible gas customers receive 30% discount off the total bill
Energy Efficiency
  • Low-Income Direct Install Initiatives
    Electric: Measures include heat pump water heaters, ductless heat pumps, low-flow shower heads, and CFLs
    Gas: Measures include air sealing, insulation, and high-efficiency heating systems.
Participating Utilities
  • LIAP and Energy Efficiency: Central Maine Power Co. and Emera Maine, which includes the former Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. and Maine Public Service Co., covering 95% of state, plus 10 consumer-owned utilities
  • RLIP: Unitil
  • Low-Income Direct Install Initiatives: Central Maine Power Co., Emera Maine, Unitil
Annual Funding (2015)
  • LIAP: $8 million
    Oxygen pumps and ventilators: $176,646
  • RLIP: $155,000 (estimate)
  • Low-Income Direct Install Initiatives
    Electric: $1.2 million
    Gas: $ 76,138
Households Served (2015)
  • LIAP: 11,500
    Oxygen pumps and ventilators: 398
  • RLIP: 600 (estimate)
  • Low-Income Direct Install Initiatives
    Electric: 635
    Gas: 7
Funding Mechanism
  • LIAP: Customer charge based on 0.5% of utility's annual revenue
  • RLIP:Customer charge, $0.0011/ccf (effective May 1, 2015)
  • Energy Efficiency Rate Assessment: System Benefit Charge, $0.0105/ccf (effective May 1, 2015); natural gas conservation assessment
  • LIAP: Maine State Housing Authority, LIHEAP and WAP grantee, in coordination with local delivery agencies
  • RLIP: Gas utility
  • Low-Income Direct Install Initiatives: Efficiency Maine Trust, in coordination with local delivery agencies