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Energy Efficiency
  • Avista Utilities' Low Income and Outreach (LIO)
    • Eligibility is 200% FPG. Services include: installation of insulation, air infiltration, electric to natural gas space heat conversions, electric to natural gas water heat conversions, Energy Star refrigerators, Energy Star Windows, and Energy Star doors.
    • Conservation Education Grant: Helps local action agencies teach conservation strategies through workshops and one-on-one education with those receiving LIWAP.
  • Weatherization Solutions for Eligible Customers (WSEC) and Weatherization Assistance for Qualified Customers (WAQC)
    • o WSEC eligibility is between 175% FPG and 250% FPG for Idaho Power customers. WAQC eligibility is up to 200% FPG.
    • Services include: upgrades to windows; insulation for walls, ceilings, floors, water heaters, and pipes; furnace tune-ups; furnace replacements; and CFLs.
  • Rocky Mountain Power's LIWAP
    • Eligibility is at or below 200% FPG. Services include: attic and floor insulation, duct work, replacement of windows, water pipe wrapping, weather stripping, caulking, and furnace repair/replacement.
Participating Utilities
  • LIO: Avista
  • WSEC and WAQC: Idaho Power
  • LIWAP: Rocky Mountain Power
Annual Funding (2014)
  • Avista: $700,000
  • Idaho Power: $1.37 million
  • Rocky Mountain Power: $182,097
Households Served (2014)
  • Avista: not available
  • Idaho Power: 239
  • Rocky Mountain Power: 41
Funding Mechanism
  • Avista: "Energy Efficiency Rider" charge on all customer bills
  • Idaho Power: "Energy Efficiency Rider" on all customer bills
  • Rocky Mountain: "Customer Efficiency Services Rate Adjustment" on all customer bills
Community Action Agencies