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Rate Assistance
  • Residential Assistance Discount (RAD)
    • Pepco RAD customers receive a 55 percent discount on the first 400 kWhs in the summer months (June - October) and a 41 percent discount on the first 400 kWhs in the winter months (November - May). Eligible all-electric customers receive a 40 percent discount on the first 700 kilowatt-hours used in the winter months and a 50 percent discount on the first 700 kilowatt-hours used in the summer months.
  • LIHEAP Expansion and Energy Education
    • An addition to the current LIHEAP program that includes bill payment assistance and educates residents about other energy efficiency programs. These funds enable additional eligible households to receive a LIHEAP benefit.
  • Residential Essential Service (RES)
    • The RES discount rate is available from November through March for qualified Washington Gas customers. The discount is based on household size and income level and ranges from $213 to $276 per year.
  • RES Expansion and Awareness Program
    • A bill assistance program for gas customers with the goal of increasing RES participation by 30 percent.
Energy Efficiency
  • Comprehensive Low-Income Multifamily Initiative
    • Rehabilitation projects that provide air-sealing and insulation, improved windows and upgrades to mechanical and lighting systems.
  • Low-Income Multifamily Direct Product Installation
    • Low-income households received energy-saving lighting and hot water products.
  • Single Family Low-Income Services
    • Low-income households received air and duct sealing, insulation and heating systems.
  • Solar Advantage Program
    • Low-income units received solar PV systems and/or solar hot water systems.
  • Food Banks
    • Distributed energy-efficient light bulbs to clients.
Participating Utilities
  • Pepco (electric)
  • Washington Gas
Annual Funding (2015)
  • RAD: $4.8 million
  • RAD Expansion:$44,054
  • LIHEAP Expansion and Energy Education: $1.75 million
  • RES:$870,091
  • RES Expansion: $105,689
  • Energy Efficiency: $5.9 million
    • Multifamily Initiatives
    • Single Family Initiatives and Solar Advantage Program
Households Served (2015)
  • RAD: 17,216
  • RAD Expansion: NA
  • LIHEAP Expansion and Energy Education: 15,556
  • RES: 7,150
  • RES Expansion: 5,380
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Multifamily Initiatives: 3,245
    • Single Family Initiatives and Small Scale Solar: 29
Funding Mechanism
  • RAD, LIHEAP Expansion, RES and RES Expansion: Non-bypassable assessment on natural gas and electric sales amounting to $.006 per therm for gas and 0.159 mills per kWh from electric sales-applied to the sale of every kilowatt hour and therm in the District except sales to residents participating in the RAD and RES programs.
  • Single Family and Multifamily Energy Efficiency: Non-bypassable monthly surcharge assessed on Pepco and Washington Gas ratepayers (except those participating in RAD and RES programs,) natural gas customers were assessed $0.014. The surcharge for electric customers is assessed at $0.0015.
District Department of the Environment, the LIHEAP grantee and WAP grantee
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