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For Grantees

The LIHEAP Peer-to-Peer Network is on Hiatus

The LIHEAP peer mentoring project is on a short break. If you landed here because you are interested in getting involved, drop us a note and let us know. As soon as the peer-to-peer project returns from this brief hiatus, we will contact you.

To express interest, contact Erin Steuer, LIHEAP Clearinghouse Project Director, by email at, or by calling 406-494-8641.

The Grantee Forum

The Grantee Forum is an online forum that enables state, tribal, and territorial grantees to share program knowledge with one another in an informal manner and on topic-specific needs. This is a tool that can be utilized across the Network and without the need for a significant time commitment.

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The LIHEAP Grantee Forum is only available to registered users of the LIHEAPPM website.
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