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Philadelphia Gas Works

Low-income Rate Assistance

Low-Income Energy Efficiency

  • The state's 15 major gas and electric utilities participate in LIURP with a pre-restructuring funding level of about 2/10 of one percent of each utility’s total revenues. LIURP includes an education component that addresses energy savings, regular bill payment behavior and provides application assistance.
  • Conservation Works
    Services may include: diagnostic audit, energy education, energy-related home repair, thermostat with automatic clock, blower door guided shell tightening, water-heater wrap and pipe insulation, furnace filters or radiator reflectors, hot water conservation devices (if hot water heater is gas-fueled) and roof insulation. Must be enrolled in the Customer Responsibility Program.

Emergency Charitable Assistance

  • Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund
    The Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund is one of the largest fuel funds in the country, providing over $2 million annually in energy crisis assistance benefits in recent years. It was created by utility companies, public officials, business leaders, and community organizations in response to increased terminations of gas, electric, and water service coupled with inadequate LIHEAP benefits. Philadelphia's three major utilities (gas, electric and water) provide a dollar-for-dollar match to every dollar raised and contribute to the fund's operating costs. Individuals can access the Utility Grant Program at any one of the UESF Intake Sites, and at the UESF Central Office. At these sites, they can also receive access to a vast array of other energy, energy related, and other services.