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Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO)

Low-Income Rate Assistance

  • CARE
    Provides bill reductions in addition to LIHEAP for customers falling within 150 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Once they are approved for LIHEAP, customers are automatically enrolled in the program and reductions range from 11 to 26 percent, depending on the same criteria used by the state in determining the level of assistance through LIHEAP. The monthly discount will be applied starting with December bills and will continue through May 31. If you apply for LIHEAP after December, the discount will be applied on the first bill after program enrollment. Contact an agency in your area that can assist you with applying for energy assistance.
  • Winter Warmth Program
    Qualifying customers will be eligible to receive up to $400 in annual energy assistance. Eligibility requirements include those customers up to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, in addition to those who have a financial hardship situation as determined by an administering Winter Warmth agency. Contact the Winter Warmth energy assistance agency in your county :

    Crown Point, 219-663-0627
    Hammond, 219-932-4800
    Gary, 219-886-3155
    Valparaiso, 219-464-9736

Emergency Charitable Assistance

  • Hardship Program
    NIPSCO provides energy assistance funds for those customers who fall between 151-200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and have received a Disconnect Notice. Eligible households can receive up to $200 in gas bill assistance between December 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. Hardship funds are available through many of the same local Community Action Agencies where LIHEAP funds are distributed.
    Please note, Disconnect Notice must be presented with application. Contact a NIPSCO Hardship agency.
  • Gift of Warmth
    A fund created to assist NIPSCO customers who typically don't qualify for energy assistance under Indiana's LIHEAP guidelines. The fund focuses on customers who have received a disconnect notice and who are within 175 to 250% of state poverty guidelines. Salvation Army offices administer the funds.
  • Winter Assistance Fund
    This fund, administered by the United Way, provides financial assistance to families who are not eligible for other energy assistance programs. To apply for help through the Winter Assistance Fund, individuals should go to their nearest community center or township trustee or call the Community Centers of Indianapolis central office, 638-3360, to find out which center serves their neighborhood. For more information call 924-1454 or 211.