Tribal Oversight & Monitoring

The law requires in Section 2605(b)(10) that grantees monitor their LIHEAP programs. Monitoring is a way of identifying and correcting problems in program policies and operations. If monitoring is conducted early in the program year, then problems can be corrected to improve current program activities. Also, results from monitoring can be used to help design a more effective program for the next fiscal year.

Section 96.84 of the regulations requires grantees to establish appropriate systems and procedures to prevent, detect and correct waste, fraud and abuse in LIHEAP programs. The systems and procedures should address possible waste, fraud and abuse by clients, vendors and administering agencies.

Section H of the Tribal Manual discusses the following topics and outlines a sample monitoring plan.

  • What is Monitoring?
  • Why Monitor the Program?
  • What is a Good Monitoring Plan?
  • Who Monitors?
  • When and What Should be Monitored?
  • Sample Monitoring Plan