Tribal Leveraging Summaries & Tables

Tribal Leveraging

Since FY 1991, state, tribal and territorial LIHEAP grantees have had the opportunity to participate in the LIHEAP Leveraging Incentive Program, established under the 1990 reauthorization of LIHEAP (Public Law 101-501). Under the program grantees are rewarded for acquiring non-federal home energy resources for low-income households. Leveraging incentive funds are awarded to those grantees that use their own or other non-Federal resources to supplement or leverage federal LIHEAP dollars.

The majority of leveraged resources attained by tribal grantees comes from tribal government funds. Tribes have also leveraged resources from energy vendors and fuel funds. Information on activities conducted in FY 2010 is the latest year for which information is available.

Section K in the Tribal Manual discusses regulations for the Leveraging Incentive Program and explains program requirements and application process.

Examples of Leveraging Reports