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Wisconsin Public Benefit Funds for Energy Efficiency

Wisconsin Public Benefit Funds for Energy Efficiency

  • 1999 legislation created public benefits funding for energy efficiency, renewables and low-income energy programs. Funding for the low-income energy portion of the public benefits fund comes from three sources: prior utility (gas and electric) low-income expenditures, a new access fee or customer charge on all electric bills and the current year's federal LIHEAP and weatherization allocations. During 2010, public benefits funding for weatherization totaled $5.2 million and assisted 5,099 households.
  • Some utilities fund other energy efficiency programs

For more information, see electric utility restructuring legislation.

Note: Leveraging reports do not always give a complete statewide picture. Some resources are not reported through leveraging or are under reported.


2010: $5.5 million
2009: $556,828
2007: $25.7 million
2006: $24.7 million
2005: $41.5 million
2004: $41 million
2003: $15.6 million
2002: $18.3 million


The "Reliability 2000" Legislation (Part of 1999 Wisconsin Act 9)