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Pennsylvania Public Benefit Funds for Energy Efficiency

Pennsylvania Public Benefit Funds for Energy Efficiency

Mandated by a 1987 PUC order, the Low-Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) was renewed in 1992 through 1996, and continued under universal service provisions of electric and gas utility restructuring legislation. The state's 15 major gas and electric utilities participate in LIURP with a pre-restructuring funding level of about 2/10 of one percent of each utility's total revenues. LIURP includes an education component that addresses energy savings, regular bill payment behavior and provides application assistance. In 2010, Pennsylvania utilities spent over $29 million on LIURP and helped over 21,000 households. See updates due to restructuring legislation.

Note: Leveraging reports do not always give a complete statewide picture. Some resources are not reported through leveraging or are under reported.


2010: $29.9 million
2009: $29.1 million
2007: $24.5 million
2006: $22.6 million
2005: $20.6 million
2004: $21.8 million
2003: $22 million
2002: $20.8 million
2001: $21.6 million
2000: $22.4 million


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