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Pennsylvania Fuel Funds

Pennsylvania Fuel Funds

  • The Philadelphia Utility Emergency Services Fund is one of the largest fuel funds in the country, providing over $2 million annually in energy crisis assistance benefits in recent years. It was created by utility companies, public officials, business leaders, and community organizations in response to increased terminations of gas, electric, and water service coupled with inadequate LIHEAP benefits. Philadelphia's three major utilities (gas, electric and water) provide a dollar-for-dollar match to every dollar raised and contribute to the fund's operating costs.
  • The Pennsylvania Dollar Energy Fund, the fourth largest fuel fund in the country, began operating in October of 1983 to help people without heat and light and assist those who were not able to keep up with their utility bill payments. A network of over 90 social service, religious, and community organizations works closely with twelve utilities to serve needy families and individuals in most counties throughout the state.
  • Utility shareholder, employee and customer contributions from several utilities.


2010: $5.5 million
2009: $8 million
2007: $9.4 million
2006: $8.9 million
2005: $7.7 million
2004: $6.6 million
2003: $5.8 million
2002: $9.4 million
2001: $6.5 million
2000: $9.6 million
1999: $5.7 million
1998: $7 million
1997: $6.2 million
1996: $6.8 million
1995: $6.1 million