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New York Ratepayer Funded Rate Assistance

New York Ratepayer Funded Rate Assistance

  • Most of New York's investor-owned utilities (both electric and gas) have rate assistance programs, and most of them have expanded in recent years as part of restructuring or rate case settlements. Each utility has a program designed specifically for its customers' needs. Most provide a discount off the basic monthly gas or electric service charge; a few provide case management or arrearage forgiveness. The total amount in 2010 was about $90 million, assisting about 900,000 households.
  • PSC regulated utilities waive security deposits and reconnect fees for recipients of public assistance, SSI or additional State payments.

Note: Leveraging reports do not always give a complete statewide picture. Some resources are not reported through leveraging or are underreported.


2010: $58.8 million
2009: $31.9 million
2007: $27.5 million
2006: $20.8 million
2005: $ 19.2 million
2004: $16.5 million
2003: $18.5 million
2002: $12.1 million
2001: $16.2 million
2000: $6.6 million
1999: $2.2 million