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Missouri Fuel Funds

Missouri Fuel Funds

  • The Mid America Assistance Coalition (MAAC) of Kansas City, administers more than $600,000 each year to assist those unable to pay their utility bills. More than 4,000 families are helped annually through the seven privately donated MAAC managed funds.
  • Dollar-Help, Inc. (DHI) was founded in 1982 and partners with Laclede Gas Company who matches customer donations $1 for every $5 up to $4,000 per month. Laclede Gas also donates all administration, fund raising and promotion expenses. In 1984, local congregations became involved and initiated Super Dollar-Help Weekend to raise funds for DHI.
  • Dollar More provides temporary financial assistance to households with special needs to keep utility services operating during the extreme temperature seasons of winter and summer. Raising nearly $1 million per year, the program is funded by the customers of AmerenUE and administered by the United Way.
  • Charitable donations from the Salvation Army and churches


2007: $15.6 million
2005: $8.4 million
2004: $8.4 million
2003: $7.2 million
2002: $2.7 million