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Michigan Fuel Funds

Michigan Fuel Funds

  • The Michigan Community Action Association sponsors an annual, statewide Walk for Warmth which began in 1989. The uniqueness of the Walk for Warmth lies in the fact that while the CAAs coordinate the Walks, people of all backgrounds in the communities volunteer their services. Participants include CAA staff and board members, vendors, business executives, legislators, schools, the elderly, chart groups, local businesses and industries, and private corporations. Some businesses donate a percentage of that day's profits to the effort; others provide free advertising. Walkers garner pledge money per mile walked.

    Money raised in each community goes toward specific energy needs within that community as identified by the members of local steering committees. None of the money received is spent to organize, promote, or conduct the Walks.

  • The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW) is funded by individuals, businesses, community organizations, utilities and fuel companies. A maximum of $300 per household is available for electricity, gas, coal, oil, propane or wood. Most utilities match customer donations or provide bill credits up to an additional $300.
  • Private energy funds


2010: $21.8 million
2009: $20.5 million
2007: $8.5 million
2006: $14 million
2005: $6.9 million
2004: $4.7 million
2003: $6.9 million
2002: $6.1 million
2001: $4 million
2000: $4 million
1999: $4 million
1998: $4.1 million
1997: $4.9 million
1996: $5.2 million
1995: $5.2 million