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Connecticut Ratepayer Funded Rate Assistance

Connecticut Ratepayer Funded Rate Assistance

  • All gas public service companies are required by statute to operate an arrearage forgiveness program for gas heating customers. One of the state's three gas utilities has extended the program to non-heating gas customers, as allowed by the statute.

    A payment agreement is established which includes a customer's base monthly payment plus an affordable arrearage payment. There are two arrearage forgiveness program periods (November 1 to April 30 and May 1 to October 31) in conjunction with the state energy assistance program dates of operation. Participation in the winter month period does not require timely payments but all payments are due to the utility by April 30. However, failure to make a timely payment during the summer month period may result in termination of gas service until payments are made or the November 1 moratorium begins. For persons successfully completing a program period, arrearage forgiveness results in a reduction of the bill on the last period day equal to the total of customer payments plus energy assistance.

  • Both electric public service companies operate arrearage forgiveness programs. As of late 2004, arrearage forgiveness programs are mandatory for electric heat customers, but still voluntary for non-heating electric customers’ bills.

See electric utility restructuring legislation.


2010: $14.6 million
2009: $14.9 million
2007: $14.3 million
2006: $15.3 million
2005: $14 million
2004: $13.9 million
2003: $13 million
2002: $7.6 million
2001: $13.4 million
2000: $7.4 million
1999: $7.2 million
1998: $6.5 million
1997: $7.4 million
1996: $9 million
1995: $6.6 million
1994: $9.5 million
1993: $5.4 million
1992: $5.7 million


CT General Statutes ยง16-262c(b)(4) and (5)