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Arizona Ratepayer Funded Rate Assistance

Arizona Ratepayer Funded Rate Assistance

  • Most of the state's major utilities offer rate discounts.
    The programs vary by utility; however, they
    all offer a declining block discount structure, with the customer
    receiving a smaller percentage discount as their monthly usage
    passes certain kWh thresholds. In addition to a general residential
    discount some utilities offer
    a low-income seniors' discount rate, and medical life support

  • Customers of one utility that have pre-pay residential service are eligible for an equipment waiver that equals the monthly service charge.


2010: $24 million
2009: $20 million
2007: $17.1 million
2006: $14.7 million
2005: $11 million
2004: $10.3 million
2003: $8.9 million

2002: $9.1 million
2001: $8 million
2000: $6.6 million